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FilmsFolded Database Progress

Published: 11 Aug 2012

It has been a while since the last report. I am in Virginia for another month and most of that I believe will be taken up with writing the scientific paper mentioned earlier.

But we have made some progress on the FilmsFolded front.

The database is in good shape. We have each comment in a record, and all the metadata is now added and checked. That includes:

  • Title (per IMDb);
  • Nationality;
  • Year of Film;
  • Native Title, using the native script (if one);
  • Ted’s Evaluation Number;
  • Date of Comment;
  • Date of Rewrite (if one);
  • Comment Title.

We have buttons that take us to the Movie Database entry (www.themoviedb.org, if one); an Amazon DVD search; the IMDb summary page; the IMDb Comment page; and a Wikipedia Search for the film.

What we are doing now is:

  • Radically copyediting the comments to fit a style guide. I have hired a student to help with this.
  • Going through each comment (starting with fours), noting what folding dynamics are used in the film and writing a brief note on why the film is among the fours.

The front end is designed and I've coded the major parts so far as HTML. I've contacted the guy that helped with tedgoranson.com and he will start work soon so that will also move along a bit.

This is frustrating to me, because I just want to get to the essays and beyond. But this scientific paper must take priority, and I do want to get the comments back up. If you were using them in your work and are hampered by their absence, send me a note and we'll figure out how to get them to you in current form.

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