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Porn and the FilmsFolded Design

Published: 13 May 2012

The progress this week has been on some rather lightweight notes on folding in porn and a small note on opera.

We've also been working on the future of the FilmsFolded database of IMBD comments. One significant decision is whether we:

  • Go with the fastest route to leveraging what is there. In this case, we'll use absolutely conventional technology, probably PHP and mySQL, and about a million programmers could do it. FilmsFolded would be much better than what it was, but it would still be separate.
  • Try a more ambitious reach, setting the foundation for the next step. This would allow for integrating the two sites and set the stage for some rather experimental UIs. It could also provide some extended structure to the foundation we've built for the essays. This would likely use Django with some functional programming. Possibly only a few hundred souls could address this.
  • Do the first option, and immediately start with the ultimate system. This would almost certainly require Haskell — and there are likely fewer than a score who could address this in any way.

These first two options would use the same initial UI and work the same way in Phase 1. If you wish, you can download my design as a pdf here. This link will only be good for a week or so.

Please let me know what you think (tedg at filmsfolded dot com).

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