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The UI paper

Published: 22 Apr 2014
Revised: 31 Jul 2014

Edited on 23 Apr 2014: to add link to the Keynote.

Edited on 5 Jun 2014: to change the Keynote to an updated version, and remove the draft pending publication.

Progress is being made in a number of areas.

We have submitted a paper to the best user interface conference, describing one element of the user interface for the forthcoming web startup. That startup has four novel components:

  • A space-time scrubber, subject of the paper
  • A multipane display for assembled annotations
  • A crazily inventive back end that assembles narratives and narrative essays
  • An (optional) model of narrative dynamics that helps illuminate what is going on

This paper addresses the first of these. I would appreciate feedback. Quite apart from the submission to the conference, I want this to serve as a general introduction to this component.

An online Keynote summary can be accessed here. If you need, a video can be viewed here. You can advise on the nature of the paper of course, but what I would like more is criticism related to how you would use it

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