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Visual Mathematics

Published: 3 Jul 2012

The Kutachi project has been taking second place while I get the FilmsFolded stuff up and running. But we have taken the time to start a significant chapter in it.

The project is designed to explore new user interface conventions, leveraging principles of form (meaning the logic of shape). I am active in a society that looks at these sorts of principles, and have started putting their papers online. This is a large, time consuming and personally expensive effort, but I think it worthwhile. Since 1989, the society’s journals have produced some papers that can help the project.

I have some of the ‘easy ones’ online now and am dealing with the more difficult ones to come via some student helpers. I invite you to browse the existing papers over at the site. We have papers and art sections that are complete. That is less than half of what we have to publish.

I do not endorse all these. Some are not applicable, others are uninteresting. But there are some lifealtering ideas in there. We’ll link to these from here, but see if you can find your own.

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