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Access to the Biomed Paper

Published: 10 Dec 2013

Edited on 2 Feb 2014: to update report.

Until 31 January 2014, one could access our paper for free at a special link. About 1400 of you did so.

This paper describes what we want to do after the FilmsFolded startup is going well, and using some of the results of that project.

The idea is rather simple: we need to entend logic in human ways to deal with parts of the world that aren't simple. We do this every day with films, and if we knew how (in a certain way) we could advise a next generation intelligent system. That system could be used to do some useful things like address known deficiencies in how we model systems in the body.

More on the FilmsFolded project soon. We wanted to spread the word on this because free is good.

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