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Programmer Needed

Published: 14 May 2013
Revised: 15 May 2013

Edited on 15 May 2013: Added contact info.

This would be for a very early stage startup. The business plan is early but will likely consist of:

  • 1) building a video annotation web app for licensing to others to fit their back ends.
  • 2) launching our own, presumably free website for annotating films, following at least the FilmsFolded model. This would use the above in concert with our own supposedly novel back end.
  • 3) adapting this to an intelligent environment to guide medical research. Other novel UIs will be used.

In a month or so, I will need help with the first of these. It consists of a novel multipane outliner with typed links between entries and a video scrubber/player that allows creation of on-frame annotations. I am supposing the best way to prototype is using non-web tools and figuring out the browser code later. So the order would be my layouts and specs; some sparkly version in a real computer (for partners and investors); the HTML5 etc version.

I think the out of the ordinary skills for the first bit will require some savvy with video processing and encoding (next gen of MPEG-47?) plus the ability to capture reactive functions graphically.

The next bits (items 2 and 3) will use spooky stuff (category and situation theories, functional reaction, ontology mapping), and I have no idea who is needed. Maybe Clojure/ClojureScript?

The programmer could be living anywhere.

I'm the guy to email: tedg at alum dot mit dot edu.

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