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What I Want in a Blog

Published: 23 Oct 2014

As it happens, to repair this blog infrastructure will require a potentially large investment, so it is a good time to revisit what I want to accomplish. As many readers know, the content is created in Tinderbox and published using some complex scripts written by friend/consultant Mark Andersen.

Dave Winer wrote about what he wants here, but I want something completely different.

The purpose of all this is to support an advanced publishing platform for long form material to support our larger projects, most immediately redframer. Several other sites coordinate with the two focused projects here: FilmsFolded and Kutachi.

The blog section (what you are reading now), is ancillary, designed to report on the various projects and incidentally provide a personal channel as well from time to time.

So my needs are to:

  • Create profoundly structured documents that support a larger agenda in their content and to some degree in experimental presentation.
  • Publish these piecemeal, with discrete blog-like progress reports. Unlike Winer, I want to take some time writing these. Speed is not important. Having something worth saying is.
  • Alert folks that a post has appeared and give a clue what it is about.

This last is currently accomplished via RSS, which you can subscribe to via the icon in the lower left.

The world seems to be leaving RSS and counting on the more labor intensive Twitter instead. So I am trying an experiment. The RSS feed triggers tweets on my brand new Twitter account: tedgoranson (Ted Goranson). Let me know if you find it useful.

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