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The Kutachi Foundation

Published: 24 Jan 2013

We are maturing the institutional structure for the projects.

We have two projects:

  • FilmsFolded identifies some narrative dynamics from film.
  • Kutachi addresses some user interface paradigms.

Both will have anchor essays on this site by myself (Ted Goranson). Both will invite community participation that will in part be via Disqus. Each will have a supplementary site:

Demo tools and materials will be hosted here.

That is the organization of the internet infrastructure. We have two organizations:

  • Sirius-Beta is the long lived research company behind the work.
  • The Kutachi Foundation is the new non-profit corporation being formed to guide and manage the community effort.

This foundation will 'do business' in part as ISIS-US, the name under which we support the symmetry community site that we will use for some of the Kutachi work. The dividing line between the Sirius-Beta investments and the community contribution has to be worked out. Indeed, I suppose that most aspects of the community effort will be discovered as we go.

Meanwhile, I need a couple volunteers to be directors of the Kutachi Foundation with me. This will be a temporary measure while we incorporate and file for non-profit status, etc. No financial burden will fall on you, but I will be asking for guidance on some initial decisions and your help in setting up a more permanent governing structure. Email me at tedg at sirius dash beta dot com.

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