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Infrastructure Progress, Mar 12

Published: 24 Mar 2012

We have three sites, or maybe four, that fit together. Here is a progress report on where we are and what we plan.

The many domain names, all but one hard one, have been moved from GoDaddy. Another strangely got lost in the process. I need to wrap that up and fix all the various pointers.

The Symmetry Site

The symmetry site has a rather storied history, not interesting enough to give. It serves to support a group I believe in, and it is intended to also partially support the Kutachi project. It has been neglected in the past year, but I have now moved it to a commercial hosting service from a friend's server. It needs a bit of cleanup and possibly time consuming addition of some journals.

Then I plan to set it up to actually help the Kutachi project. That will probably mean some sort of comment system shared with the work on this site. It will also allow for collaborators to post whatever contributions they want which our structured document here wouldn't accommodate.

This Site

This is where the main attention has gone in the past year. As you know, it works in an initial, rudimentary way. In an upgrade to a new platform, some things broke and are being fixed. The editing system needs some AppleScript work. I'm rewriting the post on Blog Architecture to bring it up to date.

I wrote some posts on the virtual enterprise (VE) blog. The reason this took priority is that I serve as an advisor on a few European Union-sponsored programs and they needed some concise input. I think that is done for now except that it needs an example of a system. Rather than write that for the VE blog, I'll take the time to do it properly and more fundamentally for the Kutachi section.

The first main push will be to start on the FilmsFolded essays. I have some volunteer helpers and plan a major effort for May. Meanwhile, I have to decide whether to reconstruct FilmsFolded.com as a searchable database of the IMDB comments. Advice is welcome. Many people seemed to like it.

It would likely be a Filemaker database on my machine (so I can horse with it) that mirrors to an online mySQL database. I'd emulate the existing FilmsFolded UI of this site but in effect it would be a separate site using conventional technologies. That means that links in and out from the FilmsFolded essays here would be ordinary, absolute, navigation links.


This older repository needs some help: a site map, fixing of some broken links and redoing the galleries. I've let all this slide because that site just reports on older work. But I should clean it up so that it works!

Health and energy is good. Things are cooking here. Stay tuned.

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