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First FilmsFolded Content

Published: 7 May 2012

Okay, we now have a start. It isn't much yet, and it is just background, but there is enough for comments if you wish. We have:

A lot more is begun.

Community Issues

In the introductory section, this new text appears:

"As we begin, I expect that my efforts will be focused on refining content, so when an interesting observation appears in the comments, I will work to modify the original essay rather than append additional content as responses within the comment area.

So we'll just see what the best balance of my energy is."

The community-based component is purely experimental and I expect we will discover the best way to work over time. I already see that I've chosen to work on behind the scenes infrastructure and content rather than comment responses. I apologize to Daniel for not promptly replying.

The FilmsFolded Database

I'm looking for a Django programmer to help with this. Email me if you have any ideas.


Doing things right also means deciding what not to do. In the past few years, I spent a lot of time thinking about redheaded actresses and how they are used. I have a database with some entries and images, and quite a few entries and images that have not yet been placed in a database.

I also own the domain name: FilmReds, and planned on a site just devoted to that, in addition to all else. But the redhead stuff is far less manifold, contributes little to the folding study and is not something my partner likes. So if a reader is interested in this, contact me and I can pass the work over.


I have written a couple comments, and have a few in the pipeline. Unfortunately, China blocks IMDB! So it will June before I can post them.

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