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FilmsFolded Update

Published: 2 Feb 2014

Here's a report on where we are with the FilmsFolded project.

The Tedg Database

We are investing heavily in reviving the searchable Tedg comment database. The person we hired to do the PHP ran way over budget (nearly four times over the bid) and wasn't closing fast on something we could use, so we stopped her effort less than halfway done.

We now have a crew that seems to know what they are doing. Our goal is to:

  • Restore the functionality of the searchable database of edited Tedg comments, the ones from IMDb. This will be like the old site was, but quite a bit better.
  • Allow the comments to be extended with focused remarks on folding and other notable features.
  • Extend these comments in a mode that integrates with the essays here. This has been really challenging. Any film that has a quality addressed in the essays will be tagged and integrated into the essays. Going the other way, essays will point to examples by way of the comments.
  • Provide for others to have their own comment area.
  • Support having input from me and others feed the forthcoming annotation site by structuring content accordingly.

This is happening and we'll open it up when each step is done.

The Film Annotation Website

In related news, we now have a lead programmer for the long-planned film annotation site. We have potential partners, and we'll have something soon. To those of you who have helped so far, all that is being used. You can start banging on it soon as internal testers.

We also have ideas on how to more directly integrate all of our projects into FilmsFolded.

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