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Virginia Beach Tasks

Published: 29 Jun 2012

We are now back home in Virginia Beach. These trips across the planet are stressful, and I expect to go again in three or four months. So the list of tasks to accomplish is getting shorter in order to be more realistic.

The work on FilmsFolded is focused at the moment on getting the database rebuilt and designing the workflows. Both are turning into bigger jobs than first guessed. I have hired a student to help with the drudge work of manually indexing the comments, but when done it will be much more useful than before. The workflow options are becoming costly so I am expanding the ambitions to match the costs. It may take a while, but FilmsFolded.com will reappear.

Reader Mark Parsons has provided some synopses of some Fours, for me to chew on with the FilmsFolded essays here.

We have some patent issues that are taking some time. These are unlike the patents that the popular press is excoriating; it is real research that if patented could help get funding. Am happy to share links to the applications, which are online at the USPTO.

The work on the kutachi project is also bogged down in database work, in this case something akin to a bibliographic database. I am a force in a society that has been doing extraordinary things for decades and has a variety of journal papers that have resulted. These have been buried for various reasons and I am putting them all on-line at a society site I am building.

Not all these papers are relevant to the kutachi project. Indeed, a few are even wastes of time. But in there are some special gems by special minds. I will be using the student on this as well: for formatting and indexing.

We have been invited to write a scientific paper for a structural biology journal. I am not sure how that will work out, but if we can do it the way we want, it will cut across all our interests.

So, a lot to do and not much to show at the moment, but we are head down in it.

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