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Some UI Videos

Published: 25 Mar 2014
Revised: 3 Apr 2014

Edited on 3 Apr 2014: to complete the premature post.

I am writing a paper for the ACM UI Conference this year. This is one way we will be introducing the new design for the film annotation site. We will talk about it quite a bit here as well.

In the preparation for that paper, and other promotional documents, I need to restore access to some videos of old and parallel experiments. These had been linked from the Sirius-Beta.com site, which has served as a repository for old work. But link rot broke the links. I haven't touched that site in ten years and it remains low on the site-work priority list.

So for the time being, I'll just post links to the new locations (on Amazon S3) from here. I think there will be only three experiments linked to. You will only want to explore these if you have a lot of time and you are a user interface geek interested in displaying soft items. These demos are long. The Framethrower UI presentation is almost an hour. The Framethrower Excerpt is the three minutes of the actual demo. The Collaboration Solution is 15 minutes, and the Planetary Model is 30 minutes (and a large video).

These are large video files, so tread carefully. The current experiments are more interesting and relevant. The scrubber is described here.

The basic interface challenge is that we have adopted Situation Theory as the foundation for our abstraction infrastructure. We've found a way to implement this, but then we have a whole new class of problem: how do you represent situations and what goes on among them. For reasons not explained here, situations are soft things, and we have never had to display them before, ever.

The Framethrower UI (Excerpt)

(Video) Something much like we are building.

Something much like we are building
Click image above to play video
The key part of a demo built for collaborative video annotation. Our scrubber is much more developed.

The Framethrower UI

(Video) The full demo presentation.

The full demo presentation.
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The entire demo presentation. Be forewarned that it was not one of the best.

A Solution for Collaboration

(Video) A web-based collaboration system.

 A web-based collaboration system
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This work focuses on distributed collaborative analysis of an event or document, using many data sources and ontologies. It enforces all facts being governed by situations.

The above demos were created for us by Eversplosion.

A Planetary Solution

(Video) Displaying situations as containers and lists.

Displaying situations as containers and lists
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This is a very clever way to use conventional notions and code to explicitly show situations, and show situated facts.

The planetary solution was created by Brad Paley of Digital Image Design Inc. for us, using some of our ideas, imposed on some substantial code and UI conventions he created. He owns the rights.

Our new solution builds on this experience.

© copyright Ted Goranson, 2014