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Worthwhile Music

Published: 24 Sep 2012

My life is not filled with little things, but large, hard projects; fortunately, large rewards come to me frequently enough.

Some of these are from my long time friends and family, some from new family and friends of course. Some come from young people who surprise the fun of discovery into me more often than I deserve.

And there there is just the plain dumb-luck stumbling into a good thing. I did that recently and thought I’d share it.

Try mixing this: a profound respect for the blues and early rock; an older musician making a blazing comeback after decades; Australia; consummate construction; engaging storytelling; more musical quotes from the past than Frank Zappa could manage... Mix Tom Waits with Randy Newman and Nick Cave with Willy DeVille and you’ll have something in the zone this guy inhabits. He’s darn good and comes with good energy. He delivered a large reward for me and he may for you too.

Check him out on iTunes and Amazon, or Google him to read some of the great reviews for his latest. Noodle around with a few tracks, because there is a pretty broad spread in there. As If By Magic is my favorite.

Glenn Cardier is the guy. Stranger than Fiction is the CD.

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