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Our Biomedical Paper

Published: 10 May 2013

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were spending an extraordinary amount of time studying medicine with the intent of vastly improving computational models of the body. We'd very much like to be working in two domains, Film and Medical Research. Regular readers know the connection between the two.

At any rate, I have just finished the final round of proofs for the paper. It is already published in its uncorrected form, presumably because people want to read it. In a day or so, the corrected version — with tiny changes — will go up. You can find it here, behind a paywall unless your institution or library has free access.

It is written for a multidisciplinary reader, but is long at about 200,000 words. We think it can make a difference and be worth the effort. Meanwhile, in our seldom-used syndicated column, we've summarized the goal in fewer than 900 words. You can read that here, in nine different languages.

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